In support of their upcoming World Tour, the Michael Franti & Spearhead can't wait to share their song-of-the-summer, "Good Day For A Good Day" with you! 

We’ve been blown away by the enthusiasm our fans have shown so far for the Good Day For A Good Day World Tour and the Soulshine at Sea Cruise, and we thought we’d celebrate by releasing a new song for Soulrockers to sing along with us!

‘Good Day For A Good Day’ is about how sometimes we can make the choice to have an enjoyable day, despite the circumstances we may face in our usual routines. Lord knows we’ve had more than our fair share of crazy ones lately. Sometimes you just need to have a good day to help you get through to the next one. That was the inspiration for this new song - waking up every day and wondering what the world had planned for us all each day of this past year and a half. Division, hate, disease, pollution, disaster OR perhaps, a little bit of extra love, good vibes and joy mixed into the party! Hey Soulrockers, today is a “GOOD DAY FOR A GOOD DAY”!


“Good Day For A Good Day” is OUT NOW! You can stream via the link HERE!